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    Silk Ficus Tree
    NameArtificial Ficus Tree
    Item No.: 655693
    Height40cm,also can be customized
    Material1).Leave: fabric , PE can be anti-UV plastic, or fire-retardant foliage
    2).Trunk: plastic trunk
    3).Base:plastic pot,cement,fiberglass or steel plate
    Properties1).Improved durability with good rebound resilience.
    2).Light weight, good hardness, with good flexibility and toughness. Can be sawing can be pinched, can be bent into a variety of curvature of the arc.
    3).Good heat resistance, corrosion resistance and stain resistance
    4).The style, height and diameter can be customized according to customers demands.
    5).Affordable: Although the silk plants are available in almost every variety of plant kingdom they aren’t expensive.
    Usingsuited for ornamenting the interior landscape of big malls, government buildings, airports, hospitals, water parks and theme parks etc.

    Do you offer samples?
    Yes. We are happy to provide you with samples so that you can see first hand the quality of our products as well as evaluate the appropriateness of the plant variety for your project.
    How long will it take to ship the samples?
    Sample time about 5-15 days.
    Do you have a showroom?
    Yes,we have our own showroom,welcome to here to visit.
    What are the prices of your products?
    Depending on whether you are interested in bulk artificial foliage or custom artificial trees, our products range from a few dollars a piece up to a thousand dollars plus.

    Product ImageNatural Trunk Tree in stock


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