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    400 meter high school track and field
    1. High school track field Description.
    1). School track and field features.
    1. 400 meter high school track and field
    2.Strong rubber tiles have been used successfully as home gym flooring, in school weight rooms, in dog care facilities, as ski lodge flooring, in locker rooms and dug outs, as golf course club house flooring, over radiant heated floors
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    5.Suitable wherever high-quality insulation or waterproofing requires secure physical protection

    Suitable for Any form of athletics training venues, including sports center and sports school; all kinds of standard and non-standard training venues.

    3.Product Image.

    4.Factory and production
    Design & Quote 24 hours services
    Site visit provide supervisor to check the condition and welcome customer
    Installation provide supervisor to help
    Maintenance Warranty period is two years

    5. Installation

    6.Shipping and Packing
    MOQ 500 Square Meter
    Supply Ability 1000Tons/Per Month
    Delivery Times 15days
    Payment Terms T/T
    Port Jiangmen,Guangzhou,Shenzhen


    1.Q: I just measured my track and it is not 400 meters. What should I do?
    A:First, it is important to understand where a track is 400 meters long and how that is determined. A track is 400 meters at an imaginary line called a “measure line” that is located in lane one. Its location in relationship to the inside lane line varies depending on whether or not the track has an inside raised curb.
    It is virtually impossible to determine if your track is 400 meters long by using a wheel. If you are concerned that your track may not be correct, it is recommended that you contact a running track company with a Certified Track Builder on staff, or an engineer familiar with the rules of track.
    There are still tracks that have never been converted from the old 440 yard to a 400 meter track. Once it is determined that your track is too long, the usual method of correcting the problem is to use asphalt or concrete pavement on the inside of one end of the track one half of the distance that the straightaway needs to be shortened.

    2.Q: how many lanes on a running track?
    A:There is eight lanes on a running track. As the sport developed, the IAAF standardized the length to 400 m and stated that the tracks must be split into six to eight running lanes. Precise widths for the lanes were established, as were regulations regarding the curvature of the track.

    3.Q:What is the distance of a high school track?
    A:High school tracks are measured in the left innermost lane. Starting points in the other lanes are spaced so that each participant in a race runs the same distance. Most races between high school students take place at distances of 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1,500 meters, 1,600 meters and 3,200 meters, with the longest race being 10,000 meters, or 25 laps. field and track manufacturers


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