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Market Leader

In the event the Company needs to be in the position of Market leader it is necessary to   n increase revenue, increase profit margin. For this purpose it requires to reduce cost and expenditure.

  • Company always interacts with outside   world
  • Stakeholders are much more interested  on environmental issues.
  • The company should be very much concern about the waste it leaves to the environment.
  • Key factors in Company success is the sustainable growth
  • Cost saving   is also a key factor for the progress and development.
  • Success of Company depends on   the competent of its employees to a great extent.
  • It is necessary for the company to have its managers and key officials motivated    to get maximum from them for the  development of the company

.Highly trained and motivated,  inspired employees are the key factor to

  • produce innovative products and services
  • Exceed the expectations of the customers
  • To win new customers
  • To retain the existing customers.


A company  needs to continuously training its employees and it should consider not as expenditure but as an investment. Any company   requires following factors for success and growth

Constantly endavour to  increase revenue and profits

  • Proving  superior customer service  and retaining existing  customers
  • Introducing new products and services
  • Introducing  new  organisation structure  in order to achieve results

Continuously striving to   reduce cost   which will pave the way for offering low cost   products and services to the customers and with the low cost the Company can reach to a larger customer base.

Not only low cost but the products  and services should be high quality in order to retain the   customers who have purchased products and services from the company.

Any company  should adopt new initiatives   to reducing resources use   and prevention of pollution and   damage to the environment. In order to achieve this  purpose following   are required.

Recruitment policy to have the best employees possible.

  • Training the existing employees to the maximum level
  • Increase the productivity to the maximum
  • Reduce costs and expenditure
  • Enhance the quality of the goods and services offered
  • Increase the profit margins for the shareholders

There is no doubt that  practicing the  above  any company   will be able to reach its goals and objectives in order to become Market Leader.





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