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Letter to Embassy

I applied for a visit visa  and my visa was refused and reasons given in the visa refusal letter as follows . I quote from your visa refusal letter.

You did not provide any response to section 8.4  of the visa application. You have  no idea of what you will do in the UK.

I regret my inability to fill the above clause in my visa application and I fill this part of the fresh visa application I forward herewith  and also I am enclosing  a travel itinerary  for your kind consideration.

I quote again from the visa refusal letter;

You earn Sri Lanka Rs. 24,042.46 ( 126.54 ) a month. Your hotel accommodation in the U ill be 709. You also have to pay for your return flights and have funds for other expenses such as travel and food. I am not satisfied that  you would spend approximately seven month salary on a hotel accommodation on a 10 day visit to the UK excluding flights and other costs. This has damaged the credibility of your application. I am not satisfied  that you plan to  leave the UK at the end of your visit or that you are genuinely seeking entry as a visitor for a period not exceeding 6 months.

I appreciate the doubt in your honour on the above facts  but I have to categorically state that my sole income is not  only the salary and the service charge.  I am  employed  in the most prestigious five star hotel in Colombo as a bellboy. This hotel formerly known as  The Lanka Oberoi and presently it is  Cinnamon Grand Hotel. This hotel was awarded the best Five Star hotel in Sri Lanka award by the Government  for last two consecutive years. Most of the guests in this hotel are from  European countries and rich  and affluent  business class  from  all over the world.

Further more I have to state that in a five star hotel   bellboys  have potential of earning  money-spinning career in the hotel trade  are  the most incomer  earners in the hotel industry  and this is a well known fact.  if you inquire from the hotel management of the Cinnamon Grand Hotel or any other five star hotel in Colombo they will confirm this fact.

Even though I am unable to provide  documentary proof I approximately earn around Sri Lankan Rs. 3,000  per day as tips and approximately I earn Rs. 60,000 for a month in addition to my salary and service charge by way of tips.

I enclose herewith following documents in support of my visa application.

  1. Refusals of Entry Clearance bearing post reference:-Chennai/910997, & Chennai/930202;
  2. Covering letter addressed to the visa officer dated ;
  3. Passport bearing No. N2090305 valid up to 02.06.2018;
  4. Birth Certificate with English Translations;
  5. Originals of Bank Statements issued by Bank of Ceylon for A/c. No. 007877627 for the period 30.06.2008 to 31.12.2008;
  6. Travel Itinerary containing a list of interesting places planned to be visited in London during my holiday:
  7. Flight Reservation Letter;
  8. Reservation of Hotel accommodation;




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