Letter to a College
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Letter to a College

Dear Sir,


My son  Amila  Senanayake   has been studying  at your  College in  2 A class.   His  age is 7 years.


I would like to mention here that I selected your college because  your college is the best international college in Sri Lanka  for my son’s education.  High level of education prevailing in your College and the discipline of the students  as well as it is a specialty that  the college  is situated just 5.5. km from my home. It is a grave injustice  that  without giving any prior notice  to me   or  without   inquiring my  ideas  you have  re-located the college  at  about 14 km distance.  Kandy  Road is  an area which  high traffic jam.  Now it takes only 20 – 30 minutes journey to your college  but now it will take for my son  1 or 1¼ hours  to come to 14 km journey.  This is extremely difficult  during the  afternoon. Reason is   all colleges are closed at this time and  there is heavy traffic jam.   My son has  to come home  at about 3.00 in the evening.  Then it takes  2½ – 3 hours for this small child for  this journey  and  he is  really frustrated.


In the evening he has religious  classes.  In the College also he has to participate in  curricular activities.  Child needs time  for his studies as well as for  playing  in the evening.


We   bear even   higher   term  fees  with difficulty  in order   to give  my small child a  better education,   I have selected your college but  today I have  fallen into a pathetic situation.


However,  I have decided to  educate my son till advanced level at your college.  I kindly request from you  without obstructing my child’s education in between  I  have only option is to  enter my child to a College near  our house.  We  have  only 7 KM only from our home to Rajagiriya. This is half of the distance to Dehiwala.  In this area traffic also less.  As such,  I trusted your college and  entered my son without  hampering   my trust , allow my  son to study at your college. I think this is not so difficult.  Reason is  as I know  only two students  in  Year 2 A and B classes  are  faced with this transport problem.  In the event  you make an effort  definitely  you can allow my son to  make  a space.


Your  college  has contributed to  the education  of this country   and we have a great faith  on it  and we got together with you with the intention of giving  our child  a better education,  and make him a disciplined child.  Without considering the  money   disappointing  my  expectations  and  I kindly request  you not to  disregard     my  child  and    send him to  another  location. 


I  beg and  kindly request you to consider  the grave difficulties I am  undergoing for  my son’s education  and my son   be given a seat  at your College.


Yours faithfully,



 ( Mother  )



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