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We like to receive and we are thrilled when we receive but we are reluctant to give. Giving and receiving are same like two sides of the same coin.

You cannot receive without giving. If you are happy to receive, you must make every effort to give.Giving is very difficult for the people who are not used to giving.

People always think that they do not have enough to give. But this is a misconception. You can give a smile, you can give a helping hand to a friend and you can give something to a stranger. You can give little food to an animal. You have lot of things to give when you are searching for something to give.

People are always searching for something to receive. You have to change this attitude. Do not waste anything but give them to someone. You can give your service. Service is the love in action.

You have to practice the habit of giving. Such as any other habit, you will be addicted to giving. When you are giving you are healed.

When you are receiving, the person who I s giving is healed.As you give you will receive. Give the thrill to others by giving and you are healed.

Be thrilled while you are receiving, the person who gives is healed. Your function of this life is to heal others and well as you.

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