Development in Toddlers
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Development in Toddlers

Earlier belief was that children lack the ability to think  complex ideas and remained  without  intellectual development  until they learn the language. Now it is known even babies  are aware of their surroundings and  interested in exploring  from the time  they are born. As such,   babies  begin to learn from the  birth.  They gather  information from  surrounding  and develop perception and thinking abilities.

Parents must understand that children  are exploring their world and learning how others respond to them from their birth. Children  do not misbehave on purpose and they are simply curious. If your child  wants something you consider  not good for the child, find an option and  offer something  else.

Children  need to actively explore their environment in order to grow and develop. Children  should not spend time watching television. Television is a passive activity. TV does not engage children in an active process of learning, moving, or playing with others. TV is a powerful attraction and parents  must work hard to limit television time. Parents should find other
activities to do with their children  such as reading, art projects, or playing outside. Children do not make messes to make you angry. They make messes because they are learning how things work.

Early childhood is not only for physical growth.  It is time for mental development.  Intellectual abilities associated with  memory reasoning,  finding solutions for problems and  thinking continue to emerge throughout young age.

  • Be a good role model for your child to  imitate
  • Listen to your children
  • Help your child to solve problems
  • Show your child how to do things
  • Prepare your child for difficult situations

  • Do not allow them to watch TV continuously
  • Do not allow them   to shows and movies in which characters use violence to resolve conflict
  • Do not allow them to watch  frightening stuff including serious loss, scary suspense etc.
  • Do not spank them
  • Do not  humiliate them
  • Do no scold them
  • Do not always find fault with them
  • Do not frighten them

Children simply think differently not like  adults. Children  change more quickly  than parents imagine. It appears that your children are growing up  quickly. Some of  the changes of children are not so easy to see particularly cognitive changes.  Brains of children  develop as they have new experiences.  Even though you cannot see the brain developing  yet you can see what new things the  children are learning.

Games, toys and other activities are easier to choose  in the event you understand the stages of a child’s  cognitive development.  If you realize that   some children do certain things at a certain age, you will know that  it is not necessary to change that behavior.

Mothers worry  regarding the mess  created by  children  while they are having their meals. You have to understand  sometimes this mess is the  key to unlocking the   subsequent stage of   your child’s cognitive development.

Cognitive development is how a person perceives and gaining  understanding   his or her world through  interaction and learned factors. Areas of cognitive development are information processing, reasoning , intelligence, language development and memory.

Children  seems to have two systems for dealing with  numbers. One deals with small numbers often called  subtizing and another deals with larger numbers in an approximate  manner.

Children  seems to have some ability in navigation. There is some evidence that it involves the development of complex language skills and this skills depends importantly on visual experience because  blind  individuals have been found to have impaired abilities to infer new paths between familiar locations.

In developing intellect in children,   it is arts and crafts take a prominence place.  Appropriate craft and art activities  can aid leaning in other area like language, music. social studies, science, maths , health and nutrition. At the beginning people used to do everything with their hands.  Today arts and crafts are a great  education tool for children.  It helps to develop concepts line colour or numbers and see scientific processes like gluing and painting. Arts and crafts help children to explore ideas or concepts and then express  them by making something to keep entertain others with or simply look at for pleasure.

Children enjoy reading stories and can discuss write  and act what they read.  Their thinking pattern  become  logical  and they can easily categorize things  yet they still have trouble  to abstract concepts.  Children like  humour  and they move  with humour  as such humour can be utilized to a great extent in cognitive development of children.

Children enjoy cultivating friendship with  same age children  and with  children  who have similar interests.  Children like to copy their  friends and will begin to develop strong feelings of loyalty.

Children who are participating sports activities, dance and gymnastics may  begin to intellectually  developing themselves.

Studies have  found that  extended immersion with violent  media  content  TV shows etc can increase  violence and aggressive behavior of children and  decrease their cognitive deployment.  Children still are unable to distinguish between fact and fantasy so they may process a  make up situation the way  like a real situation in life.

Children must be  given  awareness about commercials,  pointing out that not everything  they see in an advertisement  is necessarily true.  Although children at this age are almost able to understand the persuasive intent of commercial advertisements.

Parents should know about the importance of physical health and  sometimes take your child to the doctor or medical clinic for all the  medical checkups and immunizations.  Such things are vital to  their wellbeing and  cognitive development. As parents you are in the  exact position to observe your child’s physical, social, cognitive and emotional growth.

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