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I am aware that  patentable inventions, trademarks, designs, trade secrets and copyrightable works including software hereinafter referred to as the “Intellectual Property” made or created by me  during the course my  employment  belongs to XXXX (Pvt) Ltd.

I will not  disclose such  details of such Intellectual Property to  anyone or any company  or use them  by me  after leaving the XXXX (Pvt) Ltd

I assign to the XXXX (Pvt) Ltd  all rights  and interests in and to the Intellectual Property made, originated or developed during the course of or otherwise related to the employment and further agrees to assist the Company in connection with any such acts and things as the Company  may advise are necessary or desirable in connection with such assignment or assistance.

XXXX (Pvt) Ltd  shall be entitled to apply for any patent rights, trademark rights, registered design or any copyright in respect of any Intellectual Property conceived, originated or made by  me  during the course of employment.

I  agree to indemnify the XXXX (Pvt) Ltd  against any liability, loss, damage, cost and expenses which the XXXX (Pvt) Ltd  may incur or suffer as a result of breach  of the representations and warranties.

I will  ensure confidentiality of information and  prevent misuse of information gained either for personal gain or for any purpose after leaving the employment of XXXX (Pvt) Ltd.

I  agree and  accept individual responsibility for my own actions that my  conduct must measure up to the high standards of integrity and honesty expected of XXXX (Pvt) Ltd  after leaving  the services.

To avoid situations which are of potential conflict of interest, I will  not engage in any activity, interest, investment or association that may interfere with their judgment concerning the XXXX (Pvt) Ltd  or best interest of XXXX (Pvt) Ltd after leaving the employment.

I shall  take every precaution to protect the confidentiality of company information. I will not   after leaving the  employment in XXXX (Pvt) Ltd  (except with the Company’s written consent) divulge or make use of any secrets, copyright material, or any correspondence, accounts or dealings or  software  of the Company.

I will not  use, for personal benefit, information concerning any aspect of the XXXX (Pvt) Ltd  information acquired as a result of my  relationship with the XXXX (Pvt) Ltd.  Moreover, I will not  directly or indirectly disclose to any other person or company such information. I am aware that I will  be held liable for any benefit gained from improper use of the information or any damages sustained by the XXXX (Pvt) Ltd  as a result of improper disclosure of such information

Confidential information

Confidentiality of information regarding the Company,its clients and potential clients may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Softwares
  • Inventions
  • Designs
  • Formulas
  • Devices and Methods
  • Financial data
  • Financing plans
  • Marketing strategies
  • Potential acquisitions or plans
  • Organizational changes
  • Arrangements with  the clients
  • Arrangements with  the  Potential clients
  • Trading information
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