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Welcome to our new website.

The website of Nihal Enterprises Lanka (Private) Ltd  has redesigned in order to give our customers and patrons  quickest and easiest access to our products and how to deal with our company and also  how to  have a business relationship with our company for mutual  advantage.

Nihal Enterprises Lanka (Private) Ltd is a progressive and forward thinking organization dedicated to pursuit of global growth opportunities.  With the experience in the relevant business field,  we are experts in  forging partnerships to improve performance, reduce costs and building strong innovative business.

Nihal Enterprises Lanka (Private) Ltd,   we strive to attain success in ways that reflect the integrity of our organization to the outside world and  people who have business dealings with us.

We continue to seek new opportunities for growth  with a continued focus on entrepreneurial management. We maintain high standards of professionalism  in our dealings  and accountability in all of our business transactions.

When you select a Company to carry out business, it is crucial  that you chose a company  that places  equal important to your business too.  You must choose a company you can trust  and you can grow with.

I invite you to explore this site as a gateway into the business and relationships we have  created  and continue to  create. You will discover the many ways that we are applying the knowledge and experience we have been accumulating since our inception.

I would like to conclude by expressing my sincere gratitude  to all the staff  and our valued customers and patrons  for their trust and continued support. Finally on behalf of our team I  would like to welcome you  and hope  that you will find working with us is  a vibrant experience.






“To continually search and endow with our valued customers   quality products  at  reasonable prices.




Nihal Enterprises Lanka (Private) Ltd is  committed to provide  highest quality products to its customers  liaising with the foreign companies which produce quality  items in the field of household appliances, computer accessories and  electrical goods. We  research the market and  import only from reputed producers   and distribute quality goods among local retail  shops throughout the Island.




“The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision.”


Vision of Nihal Enterprises Lanka (Private) Ltd is  to be the standard of excellence. Our  strategy to focus on quality products which are available in the world market and   to bring them to local traders and through them to  the door step of Sri Lankan   consumers. In order to achieve our  aim,  we have a network of  distributors, fleet of vehicles, sales representatives  who are visiting  throughout the country. As the most obvious local example for quality products, we have made our presence felt in the Sri Lankan market in keeping with the rich culture and heritage as the country is  blessed with.


Core Values


We are doing our business not only aiming money or  revenue  and we have our  core values and principles that distinguish us in the market.




It is nothing  more important to us than our reputation and we at Nihal Enterprises Lanka (Private) Ltd.,  its employees are  behaving with the highest levels of integrity. Apparently we demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable business practices.




Nihal Enterprises Lanka (Private) Ltd is committed  to  helping its customers effectively and we consider this role a privilege. To put into its context, we keep  constant vigilance and unrelenting commitment. We are prepared to go extra mile to help out   our customers.


Team Work


Meanwhile, we are a team that believe in foreseeing and projecting future and  perform our task  collectively.




Our  entire team is  consist of  well trained  technicians and other workers. At Nihal Enterprises Lanka (Private) Ltd,  we believe worker training is vital  important  factor  to enhance the skills of our workforce.  Thus, with the continuous worker training, we hope to increase productivity  and uplift the standard of Nihal Enterprises Lanka (Private) Ltd.


Work Process


With much promise, we are  offering quality products   in wide range of brands from all over the world  allowing our customers to choose from variety of tastes.


Range of Products


Household Appliances


§      Blenders §      Rice Cookers
§      Gas Cookers §      Ovens
§      Hot Plates §      Cooker Hoods/Hobs
§      Digital Cameras §      Gas Burners
§      Irons §      Generators
§      Washing Machines §      Sewing Machines
§      Televisions §      Water Pumps
§      Ceiling Fans §      Pedestal Fans
§      Table Fans §      Desktop Computers
§      Radios §      Laptop Computers
§      Wall Fans §      Fitness equipments
§      Home Theatre Systems §      Industrial Machines
§      Security systems §      Grinders
§      Food Processors §      Toasters
§      Pressure Cookers §      Speakers
§      Non-stick Cookware §      Kettles
§      Cassettes §      Air-conditioners
§      Heaters §      Refrigerators
§      Electric Jugs §      DVD Players
§      VCD Players §      Antennas
§      Calculators §      Wall Clocks



Computer Accessories


©      VGA Cards ©      RAM Cards
©      Key boards ©      Mouse
©      Coolers ©      Mouse Pads
©      Speakers ©      Web Camera
©      Bluetooth Dongles ©      TV Cards
©      Head Phones ©      Hard discs
©      Motherboards ©      Power Supply
©      Power with casings ©      LCD Monitors
©      LED Monitors ©      CRT Monitors
©      DVD Rom ©      CD Rom
©      USB Pens ©      Sound Cards
©      Scanners ©      Processors
©      Dongles ©      Printers
©      CD Writers ©      DVD Writers
©      Cables ©      DVD Combo



Tube Lights Assembling


We are in the process of  importing necessary spare-parts to accumulate fluorescent tube bulbs  and successfully assemble at our factory at Puwakpitiya under the supervision and guidance  of well trained technicians and  we distribute them throughout the country via  our  Sales Representatives with the assistance of our fleet of sales vehicles. Our Sales Representatives  promote the products  and it has  already  grabbed a  considerable share of the market today and we continuously in the process of  promoting these products.



Fleet of vehicles


In between  our compay  and  consumers there is a key  and vital operation  which serve to move  the product from warehouse to the consumers.  We buy products in a pertinent field  from the manufacturers in overseas countries  or other sources  and then move them to   resell the products  to end users.  We are well equipped with the modern  fleet of vehicles for the purpose of  reaching  the  target market.


Sales Representatives


Our Sales Representatives play a vital role in the success of Nihal Enterprises Sri Lanka ( Private) Ltd. Regardless of the type of product or brand of product,   they discharge their primary duties to interest buyers and  to address customers’ questions and concerns. They demonstrate our products and advise customers on  how to  use the pertinent product which  can reduce costs, increase revenue and advantages as well as disadvantages to measure up  and arrive at an exact decision. They spend much of their time traveling and visiting prospective buyers.




Our highly trained technicians are among the best in the relevant field and their knowledge is  combined with skills and dedication. They are committed, professional and more importantly courteous. They will advise you and explain your repair options and  expenses  before they begin maintenance. At Nihal Enterprises Lanka (Private) Ltd.,  customer satisfaction is  the  first priority.


“The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it.”

-Theodore Roosevelt-


Customer  Service


Our commitment to customer support is demonstrated by the fact that we have repeated and  satisfied customers. Full support is provided by the company’s team of technicians  whose primary function is to provide a comprehensive  service to customers to ensure that products they purchase from us are in perfect working conditin. Priority is  to solve hardships  in the quickest possible manner. Response to problems is immediate within the warranty period  and  within which time replacement are provided and repairs are carried out free of charge. We are proud to state that we have the best support service to our customers with lifetime guarantee.


Origin of Products


At present we import our  products mainly  from China and India. We identify and in the process of  generating business opportunities  based on long term cooperation with suppliers and producers of  all over the world. We are the right partner to create a sustainable and growing business.




Confidentiality is an important principle in our business relationships because it functions to impose a boundary on the information we come across as a result of business relationships and we guarantee and assure that business information will not be disclosed to another party at any circumstances.




Our responsibility is concerned with treating our customers and our patrons frankly  and in a responsible manner  and also includes environmental   and social responsibility.



However, big or small new or established every customer  is important to us and we treat them all alike.




In fact, we are well equipped with powerful integrated  technologies and  have a team of professional Technicians as mentioned previously. In addition, we have state-of-the-art ultra modern office equipment, high-tech  communication facilities leading to expedition of the entire process. To put into its context,  all our technicians   have   experience and realize the job requirement completely and appreciate  and underlying the fact that it is the  exact individuals who forms the spine of a company.




We will always do what we say and let nothing  compromise our honesty and professionalism. Operational issues are addressed positively for the smooth functioning and progress of the Company.




In the event you contact us for specific business dealing, there is no doubt you expect positive outcome. At the outset,  we will agree on what to be delivered, when and how often. Conditions can be adjusted and modified in order to accomplish the goals  on mutual consent.




We treat one another with respect and take pride in the significant contributions that come from diversity of individuals and ideas. Our continued success requires us to provide quality products at reasonable rates. We are committed to openness and trust in all of our business relationships.


Brand Philosophy


We have created a brand name for Nihal Enterprises Lanka (Private) Ltd.,   by  looking after each of our customer  with an equal amount of care and responsibility.   It is crucial for our success  and  our brand name  has helped people to recognize us among our competitors. Branding is the source of the promise to our customers   in order for that promise to glow with  every part of our company create the structure  needs to be successful. We have combined areas of competency, particularly technological sophistication and self-efficacy to implement brand management streamlining customs and procedures.


Trade exhibitions


We would  like to avail the opportunities  in trade exhibitions worldwide. In the event you  target  market for your products displaying  in  trade exhibitions, you can inform our Company on such events with the relevant information on product range. You can also send us an invitation to participate in such trade exhibitions, symposiums and trade conferences. We are prepared to send our representative to such exhibitions and  look out the possibility of  purchasing goods from your company in the event the products are up to the required standard and also to the liking of Sri Lankan customers. We advertise in various modes investing our  money to   promote your products in  Sri Lanka ushering your company as well as our company into the global limelight.


We can act  as your Agent in Sri Lanka


One of the most important  decisions you as a producer of computer accessories, electrical items or  household  appliances   will need to make is appointing a proper authorized Company as your agent. Nihal  Enterprise Lanka ( Private) Ltd.,  is a an ideal, qualified and recognized company in Sri Lanka . From the very moment you appoint us as your  agent  we  will dedicate ourselves to your services.


What if you wish to discontinue ?  This is even simpler. Anytime you wish to discontinue we agree to discontinue after settlement of any dues.


Contact Us:


You can get in touch with us for any quarries. You are free to  call us  or  write to us. Just drop an e-mail with your question, we will assure you that your quarries will be replied instantaneously. Our courteous staff will assist you and at your services at all times.







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