Social Responsibility
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Social Responsibility

An obligation that is not required by the law and economics for a company to pursue yet long term objective that is beneficial to the society but  any company has a responsibility towards society and its people.

Behavioral commitment  by  any company    ethically and  contribute  to economic development and progress of the country  participating to improve the quality of life of people  as well as society at large.

Managing the company    in its  business process to produce an overall positive impact on  society and its people. Conducting business in an ethical way and in the interests of the wider community without focussing only on the profits. Contributing positively to emerging priorities and expectations of the people living in the  society. Willingness to  act  on behalf of the people  and ahead of regulatory confrontations. Coordinating   shareholder interests against  the interests of the wider community.

Economic  responsibility to earn a profit for the shareholders, legal responsibility to comply with the law prevailing in  the country, ethical responsibility not acting just for  profits but doing what is right just and fair by  thinking of the  people in the society and  environment are also include in the social responsibility.

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