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Personal Statement

I am   xxxxxx    of Sri Lanka and  I hope  to follow a Business Management Science Course  in your prestigious University.  I  strongly believe that it will pave the way for my future  career  as a compassionate way in my motherland.   I am thoroughly interested in preparing myself for the demands and challenges of my future career in rapidly changing    environment in Sri Lanka.

Many of my friends are graduates from  universities and colleges  in foreign countries  and they  encouraged me to  further my studies in  your country.   Another reason for me to study in your country  is that I will be able to interact with  multicultural different languages, opinions, customs,  rituals and cooperating with  a mixture of people. On the other hand, given the importance of globalization, an education that does not fully address the international and multicultural realities of the modern  world is incomplete.

I am aware that your country  is a dynamic and  energetic country with enthusiastic people with friendly nature. Also your country is  safe and pleasant  society in which students can learn and travel freely.  However,  I was  attracted mostly to your country  is the high standard of education.

As I am a female, I came to know  that  your country  respects  human rights and offer equal opportunities  no bias  with gender.  I am very much anxious to  study in your country  as  it will improve   my language skills,  my viewpoint internationally and it will  built up my character under your   quality education system.

I thoroughly examined  the opportunities available and finally  I have selected your  university  to further  my higher studies. I have found that  students are  confident of the quality of their courses,  the curriculum, structure, teaching, academic standards and assessment of these courses in your university. Students  who are enrolled  for your  university programs  will be tutored   by experienced and academically qualified staff and students will  be able to  obtain internationally  recognized qualifications.

Further, I am aware that  communication, presentation and problem-solving skills are endowed to the students in your  courses  of study. Also these  course meets the needs of various professional bodies and the community and as well as students have a wide choice of units based upon their personal and career interests.

Many outstanding scholars from my country have studied abroad to gain  their skills with foreign lecturers  and this has been instrumental to the progress of my country’s economy. I hope to follow suit, broadening my international perspective, improving my language skills, and refining my knowledge.

The ability to listen and learn from others is crucial for professionals in all industries. Your university, with its mix of people from different backgrounds, is a true combination  of the international  world and thus,  the ideal place in which to pursue a high quality  education. I have selected your university   after thoroughly checking websites   and also having  discussion with the students who studied  in foreign countries.  I have come to understand that your  university   offers  the students who visit from different countries to study  under   a brilliant backgrounds.

I have to  plan  for the future and do many things  in order to achieve my objectives. One of the most important factor to achieve my goal  is to improve my communications skills, verbal and written.  I have to manage my time properly, I have to use   stress management techniques  which is  associated with hard and dedicated work.  Learning effectively, reading and writing, conversation with others, gaining  experience are necessary factors to achieve my goal. It is necessary for me to identify my  skills and improvement areas and gaps to be bridged in order to implement my objective.

I  need to be  equipped with the   tools that are fundamental to evolve in this competitive  world and I have realized that my current level of knowledge is not sufficient to reach higher levels and build a successful career. I am well aware that I am  living in a competitive    world.  How we react to the influence of the hyper competitive environment is the  key to success.   

In addition to technical skills, effective learning  depend heavily on reading and writing proficiency. While many classes at present  use audio and video to deliver course materials, still most communications  from  instructors  are  in writing. Furthermore, when I  do not understand something, I must not hesitate to ask my instructor for clarification. In the event I am in the dark, it is easy to fall behind in my  work.

The skills that need to succeed in professional practice are professional skills.  These range from highly specific ones  to more general ones. Professional skills develop over the  time and are continuously improve through study and research.  I need to improve  on my  assertiveness skills  which  provides practical guidance  to develop my  skills for a range of workplace situations and  confidence building. I  will   have to gain the tools and techniques to boost my  confidence and build my  self-esteem.

I need to improve my time management  to learn  techniques for mastering time. The learning to be included presentations and discussion to introduce the concepts of time mastery and practical exercises and syndicate work to develop my personal time management skills  .After  completing my education I hope to return back to my country and  start a Beauty Salon on my own.

I have enclosed herewith with my Curriculum Vitae for your kind perusal.

As such, I shall be very much thankful to you,  if you could kindly  consider the above facts  and grant me an opportunity to study in your prestigious university.

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Brand Name

We have created a brand name for  our company    as an organization with a working environment that empowers, rewards, and retains the most dedicated, talented, employees while continually offering opportunities for career development by looking after each of our clients with an equal amount of care and responsibility.   It is decisive for our success and our brand name has helped people to recognize us among our competitors. Branding is the source of the promise to our clients in order for that promise to radiate from every part of our organization create the structure needs to be succeeded. We have combined areas of competency, particularly technological sophistication and competency   with empowerment especially self-efficacy to implement brand management. We are always trying to go out of our way, out of the box thinking and flexibility to deliver a positive experience beyond our clients’ expectations. We are converting transactions into Relationships!

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