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Sample About us page

The website of   ABC Enterprises   has redesigned in order to give our customers and patrons  easiest access to our products and how to deal with our company and also  how to  have a business relationship with our company. ABC Enterprises   is a forward thinking organization dedicated to pursuit of  growth opportunities.  With the experience in the relevant business field, we are experts in  forging partnerships to improve performance, reduce costs and building strong innovative business. At ABC Enterprises,   we strive to attain success in ways that reflect the integrity of our organization to the outside world and  people who have business dealings with us. We maintain high standards of professionalism  in our dealings  and accountability in all of our business transactions. When you select a Organization  to carry out business, it is  significant   that you select  a company  that places  equal importance to your business too.  You must choose a company you can trust  and you can grow with. We  invite you to explore this site as a first step into the business  relationships  with our company.

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Safe Internet

The impact and  influence of the internet on teenagers  over the past years  have been immense and according to statistics  in  networked  society  has expanded in the range of information available to individuals and change  the manner in which  communicate with each other and  however,  negative side is  the involvement of  criminals.  The potential of the internet to make it easy for criminal activities is matter of grave concern.  In order to access information and communicate with others the internet has created a naval and speedy way and   it has contributed to boost of business and commerce all over the world. It is the responsibility of governments and authorities of all countries to protect it from unscrupulous elements such as   criminals and fraudsters and make it a safe place especially for teenagers.

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This study investigates cyber crimes, and its impact on teenagers which has become a significant phenomenon within the last two decades. People become victims   of fraud, defamation or harassment online everyday in all four corners of the world. This research focuses its attention specifically on the impact on teenagers who are active Internet users.   A   cross sectional interviews were   conducted with  School  teachers, students and parents  in order to  collect  data. The  analysis of data and information  whether the  teenagers  are more likely to be exposed to cyber crimes than older age groups and  delves into what kinds of risk factors are associated with the exposure to cyber  crime among teenagers. In fact, an exclusive research was  conducted to find out relevant materials for the  project  from relevant books, newspaper articles, magazines, journals  and  websites for  identifying issues, data processing and analysis. It also collected data of   relevant cases occurred in United Kingdom, India and Sri Lanka in the recent past.  The results show that teenagers are more likely to be victims of cyber crimes even when other factors were adjusted for. These findings highlight the significance of understanding both psychological risk factors, patterns of risky online behavior and draw the attention of law makers to impose strict regulations  to fight against cyber crimes specifically against  teenagers. To put into its context the objective of the report is based on the findings in this research analytically discuss the  solutions for the contemporary issues.

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Sample Project Report


An individual or  Group   which has direct or indirect stake in a  project  that can affect or  affected by the  actions, objectives  and decisions  of the Project can be  identified as   Stakeholders.  Accordingly Creditors, Customers, Directors, Employees, Owners or Shareholders, Suppliers, Trade unions, Government  and its Agencies  are all included under  the expression  of Stakeholders. Stakeholder  can be  anyone who has  interest in the  project   or will be affected by its  dealings. Project Managers have to   realize the values and issues that stakeholders have in order to  involve everyone in the project. The sooner these issues are addressed positively  the better it is for the smooth functioning  and progress of the Project.

Different Stakeholders

Stakeholders are not  equal  and  various stakeholders are  entitled to   different  considerations. As an example  company’s customers who comprise part of the stakeholders  are entitled to  fair  trading deals but  they are not entitled to  the same consideration as the Project  employees.

Stakeholder management

To put it into its context, stakeholder management is vital in order to  achieve  objectives of any Project.   Creating  positive relationships with  stakeholders and  proper  management  is a most unique feature  which has pivotal importance   in   contemporary business environment.

Stakeholder Map

A stakeholder map is a supportive  document  in order to identify  each and every  stakeholder. This   will ease the stakeholder management process. Recognizing   stakeholders  according to the influence or  impact they can make on the project  will also be helpful in the  management of stakeholders.

Stakeholder Agreement

 It is primarily focused at getting to know  each other  and engagement is the opportunity to  discuss and  agree  to a set of values and principles. It is necessary that  all stakeholders  to   abide by them. Stakeholder agreement is a document of consensus  between and among  stakeholders. 

Managing Expectations

Stakeholder management is the process of managing  expectation of stakeholders who have interest in the Project. Stakeholders commitments is a  vital fact  and it is the value that galvanize diverse entities so that each and everyone  can work together like a family for mutual benefit.  Again commitment is the force that drives the relationships forward  to the desired  goal  which lead to growth and profitability and  to  get  the project  off on the right foot.


The most obvious  example is sales skills which  can be  sustained  to  continue to build   the relationships  and trust with the stakeholders. Building relationships is an   important  as the   outstanding success and dismal failure of the project depends on stakeholders  to  trust  so that  they will deliver the goods   at the right  time in the right way.

Managing  Expectations

Managing stakeholders  means managing their  needs and expectations.  This is  easier  in the event   good relationships are developed with  stakeholders. Running a  successful   project requires a high degree of stakeholder management.

Stakeholder Influence  

Stakeholder  influence is an important factor  and in this context   what is significant is the power and influence that a stakeholder has over the project objectives.
Stakeholders desire to exert influence  should be combined with their ability to exert influence on the  project. The stakeholders  can disturb  the project  plans and  cause uncertainty .

Different Stakeholders

The reality is that stakeholders are no  equal  in terms of their influence. As  an example Senior manager  has more influence than  ordinary employee. In the same manner,   a person  with more company shares  has  a greater influence than a small shareholder. Banks have a considerable impact on project facing cash flow problems, yet this is not important to a large Project. A  big customer exerts more influence  than  small customer. Employees are able to   increase their power and influence  as stakeholders by  uniting under  trade unions.


Project Manager    should communicate with all stakeholders to discover and manage their expectations  prior to implementation and  during the execution of  the project  in order to  steer clear a project to take it on the right track.  One of the key elements of stakeholder management  is the  influencing  ability to  affect actions,  beliefs and attitudes of others to ensure that  people  support project goals.

Pictures and Symbols

Advertisements are an obvious example of how people can be influenced. Pictures. symbols  and images are extremely influential,  as some  people  ignore words, so that Project Manager should use more pictures, images and symbols  when communicating with  stakeholders of the Project. Project Manager to outline a plan in order to  increase support and minimize disturbances.

Participation of Stakeholders

Stakeholder  group could include individuals from a certain geographic location  or individuals with a specific interests. Level of participation by the key stakeholders  should also be monitored by the Project Manager. Unless a  project  truly engages its stakeholders, it will be paying some of its employees to  success and the rest to resist it. Good stakeholder managerment is    fundamental to the ability of a project  to  change. It is necessary to manage  stakeholders in a sensitive and positive way from  the moment the project starts throughout the  closure of the project.

Stakeholder Analysis

When a project is  being implemented   more and more people are affected. Some of these people have the  authority to  undermine the project. Stakeholder management is a process by which to  identify  key stakeholders and  get their support.  First stage of this is  stakeholder analysis. In this analysis it can be  realized that who are the most important stakeholders.  Subsequent step is to prioritize  and categorize  them by  their power and interest.  Final step is to  understand and  motivate  stakeholders and   to get their support. Stakeholder analysis is the technique to be  utilized to recognize  the key people who have to be  won.

Success of the Project

Management of stakeholders   is  crucial to the success of  every project.  By engaging the right  people in right place in the project, it is possible to  make a big difference.  Stakeholders  could be strong  supporters of the project or they could block or obstruct the smooth functioning. That is why Stakeholder management is a vital  and  successful people utilize it to  gain support from  each and everyone. It  helps to ensure that with proper stakeholder management,  project  succeeds while  others fail.   


Project stakeholder management is not going to be easy task.  Having some knowledge of human behaviours can help Project Manager  to use the most appropriate communication strategy, tools and techniques. One of the key elements of project stakeholder management is the use of influence and  the ability to affect the actions, beliefs and attitudes of other people  to ensure that  stakeholders  support   the  project.  Underlying the fact and it is necessary to  use stakeholder planning to  facilitate and   pave the for ultimate  success of the Project. It takes  determination and clear thinking for this unique achievement.

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Travel Agent Description

We warmly invite you to  explore the hidden splendor and mesmerizing locations in Sri Lanka with us. Be it a spiritual journey, relaxed holiday, adventure voyage, wildlife panorama, beach vacations, mountain hiking, sight seeing, tea gardens or holistic heritage, we have the edge over the other tour agents. The difference about Sri Lanka is its diversity, richness and variety. You decide a destination and rest is looked after by us. Right from framing itineraries, accommodation, landing, and taking off, we are an active part of traveler’s journey. One specific attribute is the immaculate hospitality; a traveler is treated like a king. The personalized touch is what demarcates us apart from other tour operators.

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Writing Solutions

We undertake to  write  Contents for websites, Company profiles, E-mail Campaigns, Sales brochures, Presentations and speeches, Quotations, Project reports,  Case studies, Newsletters, Staff communications, memorandums, Training Materials etc. Contact 0718433212  No. 55/2, Church Road, Gampaha, Sri Lanka

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Professional Writers

We are professional Writers specialize in creating and delivering documents in varied nature with an assurance of on time delivery and content free from plagiarism. We have many years of experience in compiling reports, articles, web contents, content for blogs or any other forms of writings. Our clients all over the world have appreciated our writing services. Professional Writers is the place you can bank on as we deliver written document well within the deadline no matter how big your project may be. We offer all kinds of writing solutions at affordable prices and confidentiality assured. 
ඉංග්‍රීසි භාෂාවෙන් ලිපි ලේඛණ වාර්තා, රචනා හෝ ඕනෑම වෙනත් ලියකියවිලි සකස් කර ගැනීමට ඉංග්‍රීසි භාෂාවෙන් සිංහලටත් සිංහලෙන් ඉංග්‍රීසි භාෂාවටත් පරිවර්තනය කිරීම සදහා විමසන්න.

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ඉංග්‍රීසි භාෂාවෙන් ලිපි ලේඛණ ලිවීම සහ පරිවර්තනය කිරීම

When need arises of professionally written documents without the stress and time wasting to write them by yourself, you just make sure what you need to write in point form. It may be a quick edit of what you have written or writing an entire project. We work with you to make sure we have realized your requirement and we present your document in your specific style. -0818433212
ඉංග්‍රිසි භාෂාවෙන් ලිපි ලේඛණ වාර්තා, රචනා හෝ ඕනෑම වෙනත් ලියකියවිලි සකස් කර ගැනීමට ඉංග්‍රිසි සි භාෂාවෙන් සිංහලටත් සිංහලෙන් ඉංග්‍රිසි භාෂාවටත් පරිවර්තනය කිරීම සදහා විමසන්න.

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About us page

Any  company’s most valuable asset is its employees. Our objective is  to be  the Sri Lanka’s leading  human resource supplier  in  supplying  committed  work force and providing value-added services to companies.  We believe in continued growth and increasing the value of our  company and services by providing the opportunity for business leaders  to work with highly motivated individuals.  Our vision  serves as the framework for our roadmap and guides every aspect of our business dealings. Specifically, we are a results-oriented recruiting firm specializing in professionalism together with dedication.

We are proud to prove that we are the best in the industry and contributing to the economic and social brilliance that creates greater employment opportunities and bring foreign exchange earnings to Sri Lanka and as a result we are  serving our motherland for the prosperity of the country. We have redesigned our website to give more information on our company for  the benefit of our potential clients, foreign  principals  and potential candidates. We cordially invite you to get the maximum benefit from  information provided in the  newly redesigned  website of our company.

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Sample Letter

Dear Sir,/Madam,

XXXXXXXXXX   a Company  formed, inter alia, to be the most trustworthy and  dependable   travel Agent in  Sri Lanka  and  has introduced as a premium full-service travel provider specializing in customized  group tours to  beautiful  country Sri Lanka, well known as Paradise on earth. We  combine   unique hands-on experiences and expertise in the field to diligently create and manage professional group tours in Sri Lanka.  

Whether you are  interested in eco-tourism, to see the wildlife,   Yoga, Ayurveda, Sri Lankan culture, rich  history or anything else  we  will customize each trip to meet your group’s specific requirements and interest including  transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, sightseeing   tour guides and much more.   We feel extremely confident that we will deliver to you an absolutely amazing, enriching transformational experience that will stay with  for a lifetime.

To put into its context, our dedication to safety and quality for all participants is second to none. In addition, our experience with customized itineraries, scheduling, and attention to detail assures group leaders of a worry-free journey. Significantly, our operations allow us to cater to your individual group on tour, in a committed customer service philosophy. Our passion in providing elite service is what sets us apart.

We have made our  presence felt in the  field of travel and tourism in Sri Lanka and  you will find  working with us a vibrant  experience. We have the most extensive customer service support in the field over a period of  years.

The very purpose  of this short memorandum is to invite you to consider appointing our Company  as representative or agent  of your esteemed establishment in Sri Lanka and we would be glad to serve you in that capacity to your total satisfaction. Modalities, terms and conditions  could be discussed and addressed  on mutual agreement. We have state-of-the art office facilities, well qualified team players with dedication to deliver  and   ample avenues to exceed the expectations of our customers. We are anxious to serve as such representative subject to the terms to be finalized afterward.

We also wish to append here that we would be able to  promote  business  on behalf of your company  and we assure  that our Company  will be able to satisfy  in every aspect of your prospects as well. We are  confident that we  would be able to serve you enthusiastically and with pleasure in such an appointment for our shared benefit.

May we, therefore, kindly request you to be pleased to grant us an opportunity
to serve you as the Sole representative or as one of your Representatives in
Sri Lanka.

We look forward to  your kind response.

Yours faithfully

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