Evaluation of employees
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Evaluation of employees

It is necessary to plan an evaluation system for employees at MIM. Following  information of the  employees must be collected in order to have  a computer database.

  1. Employees’ confidence on the job
  2. Employee’s attitude on  the work place
  3. Employees’ trust on their superiors and organization
  4. Employees’ respect for superiors
  5. Employees’ pride in their working place
  6. Utilization of employees’ skills
  7. Age group
  8. Sex
  9. Marital Status
  10. Educational Qualifications
  11. Number of Years of Service
  12. Employees’ loyalty to the organization

8. Database

It is required to prepare an another Computer Database for the new recruitment for the  organization with  potential applicants details and  keep in record of all eligible  applicants in order to  appoint them  as when  need arises without any obstacle to the smooth functioning  of the company.


With in mind future expansion and growth at MIM progress is required in the following areas;

  1. Training facilities for employees (Employee Training  can be considered as an investment)
  2. Entertainment facilities  for employees ( In order to reduce  frustration and give new energy )
  3. Providing regular feed back to employees (About the Company, the management, and everything else regarding the company.)
  4. Career development
  5. More responsibility and autonomy for employees
  6. More freedom for employees
  7. Developing relationships among employees
  8. Freedom in decision making
  9. Making employees accountable
  10. Shifting employees from one job to another  occasionally
  11. Providing opportunities for multi skills development


For the Progress of MIM it is necessary to increase productivity of employees and as such there is important role to play by the Human Resources Department of any organization to increase the overall productivity and efficiency of employees.

Management Strategies

Human Resources Management strategies are required to keep employees enthusiastic, motivated and   accomplishment of such practices has pivotal importance in order to provide professional and quality services to customers.


It can be summarized following aspect as the objective of this exercise;

  1. Job Designing Procedure
  2. Employee job satisfaction
  3. Job enlargement in job satisfaction
  4. Job enrichment which influence on job satisfaction.
  5. Rotation of employees
  6. Increasing job satisfaction of employees with non financial incentives
  7. Increasing job satisfaction of employees with  financial incentives


At present   responsibilities   and duties of Human Resources Department is also changing like any other scenario. Human Resources Mangers responsibility in the gone era was preparing policies of the management etc.  Human Resources department was earlier named as Personnel Department but today it has been changed. At present Personnel Department is replaced with the Human Resources Department. Personnel Manager is replaced with the Human Resources Manager and human resources strategies have also been changed. In any organization human resources are the most important aspect and today in some organizations employees are referred as associates.

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